About Us

Bridging Education & Art Together’s (BEAT Global) mission is to educate and empower both students and artists through programs of creative self expression which include music, dance and performance art. BEAT Global is the leading provider of Hip Hop education curriculum for classroom liberation.

We are a vibrant arts education organization with a mission to empower youth through creative expression. At BEAT, we bridge the gap between arts and education by collaborating with our students to create a culture that values respect, confidence, and community, which we believe are the building blocks of leadership. This collective cypher of self-expression, healthy competition, and active participation remixes the classroom and makes it culturally relevant, engaging, and exciting. Our programs are led by professional artists who provide committed mentorship in living art forms such as beatboxing, Bboy/Bgirl (breakdancing), freestyle/MCing, music production, and creative writing. All of our programs are free for the students.

All your purchases today will go directly to sustaining BEAT programming. The BEAT Family is thankful for all you support!

For more info, visit us at beatnyc.org