BEAT x ARTIST Series Vol. 1: Juan Doe


Image of BEAT x ARTIST Series Vol. 1: Juan Doe

With the BEAT x ARTIST VOL. 1 SERIES, we aim to bridge the divide between music and visual art in the light of service. The BEAT x ARTIST VOL. 1 SERIES returns with a Marvel-ous second installment featuring the unheralded hand skills and hellacious wit of AfterShock Comics #AmericanMonster artist Juan Doe! Juan Doe is a professional illustrator with many years of experience in the comic book industry. He has produced over 100 covers, including Fantastic Four in Puerto Rico trilogy, The Legion of Monsters mini-series for Marvel and Joker’s Asylum: Scarecrow for DC. Juan Doe is currently working with master comic writer Brian Azzarello on a new book entitled American Monster, with an anticipated release through AfterShock.

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by Juan Doe